Relationships are More Valuable Than Transactions

At Torix Group, we are proud to share our philosophy statement with you, which outlines, why, how, and what we are committed to:


Torix Group exists to help our local community, our global community, and our clients through servant leadership and placing other’s needs ahead of our own.

Our success will never be measured in the amount of profit earned. Rather, it shall be measured in the number of lives we have impacted for the better, both in business and in compassionate giving of time and resources.


Torix Group contributes financially and physically in the success of select groups & charities in our community.

Torix Group contributes to the success of our team members by providing a clear path to success in our team, through valuing and appreciating others.

Torix Group provides attentive service to our clients to become your Realtor of Choice for a lifetime.


Torix Group provides comprehensive services to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations as they buy and sell real estate in the residential and commercial markets.